The Igbos is an Igbo people’s social media community. A Historical and cultural heritage portal for Igbos all over the world. This is where all Igbos around the world come together to build a community, unite with other Igbos, love, create and share friendships, develop fellow Igbo people, teach and learn Igbo history, culture, morals, and values, as well as chat a new cause for the future of the Igbo race. Whats we will be exploring these together: We welcome every Igbo blood by ancestral connections, marital connections, as well as friends of Igbos to come and write articles, posts, lectures, etc. to make this a reality. "O diri nwoke mma, o diri nwanyi mma!" Here are a few topics and issues we will be exploring as we start The history of Igbos Igbo culture Preserving the Igbo race Developing the Igbos and their communities around the world Helping every Igbo person meet needs Making Igbo a global community Making the Igbo language one of the best and world’s most loved and spoken language Developing Igbos’ God’s given gifts of ingenuity Collaborating with other Igbos to contribute and build the communities - everywhere Igbos reside, in Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia & Pacific, etc. Education for all Igbos Business for all Igbos Many more... This is a call to all Igbos around the world to join in this revolutionary collaboration. We will need the unflinching partnerships and collaboration of Programmers Entrepreneurs Technologists Investors Educationists: Professors, lecturers, Childcare tutors, Professional educators, Business owners Religious leaders Family leaders Community leaders Investors Philanthropists Many more... We are developing different platforms and features that will enable the above mentioned needed collaborators so that everyone will have a role to play in actualizing this great dream of uniting the Igbos across the globe. Kindly reach us by clicking the on Contact us page. THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL MOVEMENT. TIME TO BUILD OUR PEOPLE, BY OURSELVES, WITHOUT BOUNDARIES IS HERE! We are starting with the social media product named “The Igbos” This social media product has already included in it, the below listed features, and more coming: Audio & Video Calls Live Video Streaming Ads System Storyboards - stories, photos, videos, on 24 hours time to vaporize Unlimited forums and sub-forums - Different Igbo groups around the world can create Groups that they can use the different URLs as the official Association's online groups for free. It shows users who are online and forums statistics, with the notification system Blogs - users can write articles to their friends, and to the Public with a section to discover other articles from other Igbos/users across the globe (The Igbo's blog: the blog will open up for Igbos around the world to write articles that’ll cover different areas of life, and all kinds of help, tips, information for opportunities of different topics, for the Igbos.) Marketplace - a convenient place to discover, buy and sell items with people in your close community Awesome Profile - with covers and Avatars for user/page/group profiles Unified Search Box - Live search for #hashtags, posts, pages, and groups See More - option for a cut long-text post like Facebook Suggestions - Friends suggestions (for new users), Pages to like, Groups to join Friends - Users can add others as friends Follow/Unfollow #Hahtags - Post #hashtags in posts, comments, and chat conversations @mention - user can mention their friends Photos - upload images and have them displayed as a gallery. Groups - Stay in touch with group members and share stories with them. Pages User ability to create pages like Facebook. Smiles / Emoticons - (smiles) in Messages, Comments, and Chat. Mange Blocks - Users can block other users preventing them from chatting with each other. Real-Time - Real-Time Newsfeed, Chat, & Notifications and Profile Updates Share - Users can share any public post Smart Publisher - Publisher auto-scrap (Music, Videos, Links) YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud - Users can share links from these media Notifications - Get notifications (red notification with counter) from other users when they: Like, Share, Comment, or @mention you Sound Notifications for New Notifications & Messages Privacy - users can change their privacy settings anytime Movies - Users will be able to search and watch movies online Wallet system - users earn points when introducing other Igbos, and cash-out points, or use to place ads Gifting System - (Esusu gifting platform - an unending grouping system) - Users can send and receive money gifts Friend Nearby - Igbos can easily find other users using latitude, and longitude & GPS technology Many more on the list coming soon… 2. Twitter-like app, 3. Instagram-like App 4. Tiktok-like App, etc. (All Apps are not in competition with the big social media brands, or to replace any of them), but to personalize, and streamline usages. Users on other different social media platforms can easily login with their current login access. ALL USER DATA/INFORMATION ARE HANDLED ACCORDING TO THE GDPR STANDARDS. The Igbos App fully meets GDPR standards, giving users the ability to delete accounts, download all data anytime from general settings, and much more. And we will never share or sell personal data to any third party without the user’s consent. Note Also that The Igbos is a Family rated platform, and so restrictions on explicit fashion/nudity, use of foul languages, swear words, are not allowed, and are censored/deleted as the case may be. We are rewriting what moral standards mean. The age limits for use is 16years, and the kids' version is in the making, hence we welcome and would use the support of all childcare tutors around the world for contributions 5. Online Education product: (In the works) More info will be released as we go.
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